Congratulations to our UP Cebu alumni who are now part of the Philippine Bar! Although this Coronavirus pandemic may have brought fear and pain to many of the people we know, I hope that you would nonetheless spend time celebrating, in simple ways, your victory after years of sacrifice, perseverance, and hope. More than ever, these trying times would need lawyers who will stand up for justice and truth. In spite of what others may otherwise say or do, always fight for the freedom of the innocent and call for the punishment of the guilty. At times you may be tasked by your duty to defend the guilty. Never let money or malice corrupt your soul and never deviate from your true purpose as a lawyer: to allow everyone their day in court and give everyone their due. For this has always been the defining characteristic of justice and the spirit of our laws.

You may have heard a number of times that law and justice do not always go hand in hand. And that when both are at odds with each other, it is a lawyer’s duty to uphold the law for our courts are courts of law. But may I remind you that the existence of the law has always been to promote justice. And that the correct interpretation of every law is always that which achieves this aim. Laws that bring injustice have no purpose. And it is part of our duty to call for change whenever injustice threatens to infect the legal system which we swore to protect. Unlike the image of Lady Justice, we lawyers can never be blind. We must always be watchful and discerning over the subtleties of fraud and the slyness of evil.

You will soon realize that the reality is far different from what you expected when you were still studying law. Inside the classroom, the law seemed ideal. The system seemed perfect. Outside, the errors seem insurmountable. The perversion and the temptations will surely leave many frustrated and hopeless. This does not have to be so. Instead, let this be the greatest challenge for all of you. As members of the bar, you have achieved a degree of wisdom which many may not understand. Do not let this disparity be your bane. Let your principles guide you in shaping a better future. You are called to serve. Serve with honor and excellence.

Congratulations to our UP Cebu SocSci alumni who passed the 2019 Bar Exams! Your UPC SocSci family is proud and happy for you!

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Atty. Patrick Abing
Atty. Edrese Aguirre
Atty. Michelle Amistad-Zozobrado
Atty. Marianne Cabacungan-Esbra
Atty. Ranielle Marie Cagang
Atty. Emelie Marie Diez
Atty. Aleisha Meryl Escobia
Atty. Ma. Nikka Oquias
Atty. Hansel Jake Pampio
Atty. Ma. Jhysty Pineda
Atty. Shayanne Sarucam
Atty. Andres Soguilon