University of the Philippines Cebu
UP High School Faculty

The quick rise of COVID-19 cases in the country, as well as the extension of the enhanced community quarantine in Cebu, has caused agitation and fear in the entire UP Cebu community. This intensifies our students’ difficulties since they belong to the economically disadvantaged sector where the problems of day-to-day survival are their primary concern. Thus, we simply cannot neglect their lived experiences and worsen their academic anxiety over their grades as we try to combat this pandemic.

Considering the extraordinary circumstances we are in, the UP High School Cebu Faculty assures that our students will pass the Fourth Grading Period. In a series of meetings, we have discussed the merits of the implementing guidelines set by the Board of Regents, which was released last 23 April 2020. After carefully considering our students’ socio-economic conditions and their access to learning at this difficult time, we agree that no student shall fail. Moreover, we fundamentally and firmly believe that no student must be left behind.

Please await for the official academic guidelines regarding student promotion as it will be posted once we have reviewed and decided on the terms.

Due to the economic difficulties, PTA fees for First Semester 2020-2021 will be waived for incoming and current UP High School students. This is to, at least, alleviate the financial burden that their families are currently experiencing.

We would also like to clarify that Graduation and Moving Up Ceremonies are postponed until further notice. This is in accordance with the implementing guidelines set by the university.

It is our fervent belief that we become more resilient, critical, and strong as we go on with our lives and fight this invisible enemy. Let us help each other and remain calm in these tumultuous times. In this manner, we hope that the faculty and the entire UP community show compassion in solidarity with the disadvantaged students and their families.

Stay healthy and keep safe, UP High.