May be an image of map and text that says "Weighted Threats Value Low (1 2) Medium (3 High (5-7) Cebu KBA Figure 3. Human pressure maps: 3A) threat map by scale of weighted threats for Cebu Island with warmer colors corresponding to higher threats; 3B) weighted threat map classified as low, medium, and high according to their corresponding weights. Both maps have highlighted KBA boundaries in relation to areas of possible refugia (2020 map created by IP Quijano). 3B"

The Philippine Journal of Science has published online CENVI’s paper on “Mapping Hotspots of Human Impact on Native Dendroflora Biodiversity in Cebu Island, Philippines”. The paper is part of the journal’s special issue on biodiversity.

Congratulations to the authors Isabella Quijano, Dr. Mary Joyce Flores, and Chito Patiño!

The paper can be accessed here: Philippine Journal of Science