Court of Public Opinions

Mona Alcudia with Marie Rime and Niek Van Sleeuwen, 2019
Video Art

This month’s exhibit features an interactive “trigger” video piece showcasing a diverse group of people appearing to be interviewed by an unseen inquirer. Clips of reactions and responses play in small rectangular frames occupying varied points within the dark screen. Each clip is specifically edited to reveal only the answers of the interviewees along with their current visible expressions.

The ambiguity of the posed question highlights the physical reaction and verbal responses of those asked bringing more focus on the possible social contexts to which the people draw their answers from. This revelation of thought then leads the audience through the visualization of public opinion.

Artwork excerpt:

Public opinion has been said to be the most important informal court, with the subjective viewpoint of a majority setting the tone of all proceedings. These opinions will reflect the core values of a specific generation; how then, do we use public opinion to explore the ever-evolving ideas of peace, justice and international law?

More details and video can be found here.