Professor Shane Carreon, a faculty in the College of Communication, Art, and Design (CCAD), represents the Philippines in a gathering of writers entitled “Southern Reflections: Writers on Literary Geography”. The plenary is a special event in a three-day conference, “World Literatures and the Global South Conference” at the University of Sydney on August 23-25, 2019.

Professor Carreon finished her Ph.D in English, General Literature and Rhetoric in Binghamton University, New York in May 2019 on a Fulbright Fellowship and is one of the writers from various parts of the world who have been invited to “take the stage to reflect on their works, discuss their relations to the ‘Global South’, and share ideas on the concept of literary geography”.

The various recognitions Professor Carreon has received for her works are the Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature, the Nick Joaquin Literary Award, an Academy of American Poets Prize and an Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards Honorable Mention, among others. They’re the author of two poetry books and works have been nominated several times for writing journals and programs in the US and have appeared in various anthologies.

Two other faculty members of the Communication Program in CCAD are attending the Conference as paper presenters: Professor Marie Rose Arong on “Little Brown Americans: Narratorial Ambivalence in Filipino Anglophone Novels” and Professor Jeneth Borlasa on “Freighted Bodies: The Weight of History and Identity in three Post-colonial Novels”.

Link to the conference: University of Sydney