The Central Visayas Studies Center together with a team of administrators and faculty members of UP Cebu conceptualized and successfully held the Centennial Faculty Research Symposium on April 18, 2018 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm at the UP Cebu Performing Arts Hall. Some of the best faculty of UP Cebu with excellent record in research and publication gave short talks on research tips and presented a few papers from different fields of study. Dr. Weena Gera gave a talk on writing publishable research articles; Dr. Ritchelita Galapate on how to be cited; Dr. Tiffany Tan on engaging in collaborative research; and Dr. Aurelio Vilbar on research opportunities in education.

After each short talk, selected faculty from different Colleges presented papers to showcase researches that were published and cited by other authors. Dr. Jonnifer Sinogaya, Dean of the College of Sciences, presented his paper entitled “Running to Safety: Analysis of Disaster Susceptibility of Neighborhoods and Proximity of Safety Facilities in Silay City, Philippines”. Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia, a professor from the School of Management, presented her paper entitled “The Differences and Similarities of Theoretical and Empirical Organizational Citizenship Behavior Antecedents”. From the College of Communication, Art & Design, Dr. Belinda F. Espiritu presented her paper entitled “Transnational Audience Reception as a Theater of Struggle: Young Filipino Women’s Reception of Korean Television Dramas”. And from the Department of Computer Science, Prof. Demelo Lao presenter his paper entitled “E-learning for Introductory Computer Science Concept on Recursion Applying Two Types of Feedback Methods in the Learning Assessment”.

The Faculty Symposium was well attended by faculty members from other universities such as Cebu Institute of Technology University, University of Visayas, Cebu Normal University, University of San Jose Recoletos, and University of Southern Philippines. There were more than a hundred attendees, others of whom were students from the University of the Philippines Cebu. The Symposium was successful with the adept and smooth hosting by Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves. Dr. Chaves introduced each faculty member and paper presenter by reading their bio-sketches while the speaker’s photo of himself/herself wearing the UP sablay was shown on the screen in front.

It was a successful and fitting way to celebrate UP Cebu’s 100th year celebration with the theme Unang Siglo: 100 Years of Academic Excellence and Public Service.