Theme: Marine Biodiversity in Adversity: Asian and Global Perspectives

Local Scientific and Organizing Committee:
Chancellor Liza D Corro
University of the Philippines Cebu
Assoc. Dean Anthony S Ilano
University of San Carlos
Prof. Porfirio M Aliño, Prof. Helen T Yap, Ret. Prof. Miguel Fortes, Prof. Gil Jacinto, Prof. Nemesio E Montaño, Asst. Prof. Hazel Arceo and Dr. Maria Vanessa Baria-Rodriguez
University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute

Cebu, the host city of the 3rd SCESAP International Symposium, is a melting pot of bountiful nature and diverse culture. Situated in the central part of the Philippines that sits at the apex of the Coral Triangle, it showcases a vibrant cultural mix of the East and the West, the historical and the modern eras, and a marine biodiversity unsurpassed in many ways. The international symposium will highlight the latest research in all aspects of coastal marine science, offering an opportunity for a productive exchange among scientists working around the Western Pacific. Invited plenary speakers, paper and poster presentations as well as relevant workshops will be featured.

The city is an international travel hub with excellent domestic and international direct flight connections from most major Asian cities as well as Australia, the US West Coast
and the Middle East. Coastal ecosystems of interest are easily accessible and promise to offer outstanding opportunities for symposium-related trips.

Further detailed information will be made available in the next issue of the SCESAP Bulletin as well as in the SCESAP official homepage:

It’s going to be a wonderful 3rd SCESAP International Symposium in Cebu.