Please quote your lowest government price inclusive of VAT on the item/s listed below under the most advantageous terms in favor of the government. Submit your quotation signed by you or your representative not later than 22 September 2020.

For more information, you may contact Maiko P. Palang at (032) 233-3497 or email at [email protected]

General Conditions:

  1. PhilGEPS Registration Number/ Certificate
  2. Business Permit/ Mayor’s Permit (2019)
  3. ITR/ Business Tax Return/ EPS Print Out
  4. Omnibus Sworn Statement (For 50,000.00 and above) to be submitted before issuance of PO
  5. PCAB License (for INFRA Project Only)
  6. Management reserves the right to reject outright any contingent bids.
QuantityUnitDescription of ItemsABC (per item)
48bagGarden Soil150.00
40bagGarden Soil Fertilizer180.00
900pcPlants (including plating into pots)40.00
900pcVertical Garden Wall Hanging Pot40.00
PR 3502 Campus Maintenance Office

Note: To be delivered to UP Cebu

Total Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC): PHP 86,400.00

Terms of payment: at least 45 days after acceptance of delivered items

Validity of price quotation: 60 days