The UP Cebu administration wishes to clarify that we have not sanctioned the holding of any protest movement or mass gathering inside the campus tomorrow, 12 June 2020.

The administration remains in solidarity with the Cebu 8, along with the All UP Academic Union, the Student Council and the various stakeholders in the unified call to condemn all legislations that would impinge on the basic rights and civil liberties of citizens, particularly in expressing dissent. We continue to assert with them our opposition against the Anti-Terrorism Bill as a sweeping legislation that is prone to abuse and misuse due to its broad definitions and hasty process of deliberation.

However, in view of the growing precariousness of the pandemic, particularly the rising COVID-19 cases in Cebu City and its real existential threat, the administration decides to stringently observe and implement the health and safety guidelines, particularly in regard to mass gatherings, required by our local health authorities, as well as our own health and safety protocols carefully prepared by our Health Services Unit. Our accountability to the safety, health and the lives of all our constituents inside the campus remains our top priority amidst this crisis.

We have welcomed the dialogue initiated by these sectors with us, for this purpose, and we understand that they are disappointed. But we appreciate that they have committed to respect our position. We too commit that amidst the constraints of the pandemic, we shall continue to advance our common call for protection of civil liberties in other formats.

It is our prayer that the Constitutional rights of all our citizens continue to be upheld, most especially by our State authorities, and that all Filipinos live free from fear and insecurity.

God bless us all.