Admissions / Academic Information

Academic Information

At the undergraduate level, applicants compete for admission through the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) and/or talent test. At the graduate level, aside from the Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning, an applicant takes the Graduate Entrance Examination to show proof of intellectual capacity to meet the demands of graduate work.

A student who has earned the required number of units in another university may apply for transfer into UP. The applicant has to satisfy the transfer admission requirements of the University as well as those of the cluster/program into which he/she seeks to transfer.

No student shall be denied admission to the University System by reason of age, sex, nationality, religious belief, or political affiliation (Revised UP Code: Art. 327 p. 82).

The academic year in UP Cebu is composed of two semesters and a mid-year term except for graduate programs with the trimestral scheme. The First Semester starts in August and the Second Semester begins in January. For more information regarding enrollment and other academic schedules, refer to the UP Cebu Academic Calendar for AY 2015-2016

The unit of credit is the semester hour. Most classes meet three (3) hours a week; these classes carry forty-eight (48) clock hours of instruction and three (3) units of credit.

For AY 2016-2017, deadline for UPCAT qualifiers to confirm enrollment at UP Cebu is 29 April 2016. Go to Instructions on Confirmation to Enroll for details.

For other UPCAT applicants with UPG of 2.8 or higher, they may apply for reconsideration for admission to UPCebu for AY 2016-2017. Go to Instructions on Appeal for Reconsideration for Admission for details.